Churchview Road Mews, Twickenham

DA has submitted a planning application to LBRUT for the redevelopment of a small parcel of land in Twickenham. The proposal comprises the demolition of ten garages with a replacement consisting of three, two-bedroom, 3 storey mews houses. The replacement dwellings will sit over the footprint of the existing garage block.

The mews houses are a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional London mews house. The massing positively responds to the two storey properties which back onto the site, providing a mediation with the larger residential block opposite. Exterior materials have been selected to complement and enhance the architectural character of the locality rather than match the neighbouring palette.
The proposed material palette seeks a modern and contemporary approach with a mixed grey stock brick in panels, framed by horizontal bands of polished concrete. Vertical recessed brickwork will highlight the division of the properties, homage to the rhythm of a traditional mews terrace. The mansard roof and dormers will be clad in a weathered zinc with standing seams.

The articulation of materials will be expressed with deep reveals and full height windows. Dark grey metalwork will add a further level of detail and finery to the overall composition.